A Man In Tights…

Ive bought some tights….tight tights

Yes I’m a man

For xmas Sarah bought me some knee sleeves for squatting

For the week between xmas and new year all I wanted to do was test them out and go train

We went shopping the other day so I could get some new tracksuit bottoms (I work in a gym so these are for uniform)

Couldn’t find any but I did see some training tights…army print of course

As soon as I got them I wanted to train in them….yeah buddy

Now the psychology behind this and the reason I’m writing this is because when you have new training gear you want to train in them

Plus when its new you feel good and a lot more confident in yourself

I LOATHE when I see people dolled up in a gym who clearly are there to show off (this is why we don’t have mirrors)

Women full of make up, lads wearing vests which are a g-string for the upper body….. “Beats” headphones don’t get me started with these

But when you got just some new clobber I really see the benefit in it

Think about it say you go to the gym 3-4 times per week and only go out maybe once a month

The going out you probably get a new outfit every other time (which probably costs the same as the night out)

So why not fill your wardrobe with some gym gear

If you feel good then your workouts will

Get out there and get some today

Ross “A man comfortable in tights” Thompson

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