Mark Wahlberg Daily Routine

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the image going around displaying Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine.

I’ve seen mixed opinions on this but here’s two things that I took away from it. Firstly fair play to the guy he’s almost 50 and not only is he more successful than 90% of people he’s also in better shape than most people will ever be in at any age. The second take away I was just how pre programmed people are to follow the norms of society.

Everyone is scoffing at the idea of getting up at 2:30am to train but what people are missing is the fact that at that point he’s had 7 hours sleep more than most people get when they wake up at a normal time.

We all have 24hours and there is no obligation to follow a particular schedule of doing things. Obviously people will have things they can’t change and I’m not suggesting people get up at 2:30am to train but most people waste a significant amount of time doing pointless stuff that takes away from the time they could be sleeping or doing tasks tailored to their goals simply because it’s the normal thing to do.

‘I can’t go to bed that early’ why not? So you can watch Eastenders?

Don’t then complain that you can’t get up early to train or don’t have time. Go to bed earlier, get up earlier or go to bed later and get up later whatever it is find a way to make it work rather than criticising those who do.

I’ve been living what I call double days for the last 4-5 months in order to get everything I need to do done.

Basically I start my first day I’m up at 4:30, work from 6-12 get home about 12:30, eat my meal and go to sleep for an hour then wake up at about 2 and start my second day, go to work on a house I’m doing up, do this from 2 until maybe 8ish then home, eat, bath and in bed trying to sleep from 9, telly off! I’m always fully asleep by 10 to guarantee at least 6.5 hours.

Is this a conventional way to live? No! It certainly isn’t but why does it have to be. I’ve created a schedule that essentially allows me to get two days of work done every day, allows me to train, get sufficient recovery, eat well and limits any wasted time.

During the week I have very little unproductive time. That’s what weekends are for, Monday to Friday are dedicated to my goals.

As I said my schedule wouldn’t work work for anyone else and neither would mark Wahlberg’s which is why it sounds so crazy to people but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own unconventional hours In order to fit around your goals and priorities.

Stop putting yourself into pre determined boxes and start building a life and schedule that works for you or don’t. It doesn’t make any difference to me. If the conventional works for you then great, enjoy, but don’t turn your nose up at how other choose to live their lives if it allows them to reach their goals.


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