Last Minute Adventure…

So… From thinking the next time we’d be jetting off on a little adventure (bar our stag and hen do’s) would be September when we get married… Plenty of time for some body sculpting right? Good bulk and then an 8 week cut… Ross and I have decided to escape the cold with the boys and hit Gran Canaria for some family fun… We’re officially on a 4 week countdown!!! Yippee!!!

So there’s my body goals for September out the window right? Diet starts tomorrow, 1200 kcals and a shit tonne of cardio, I have 4 weeks to get into my bikini… Wrong…

Although the temptation is always there for anybody donning their swim suits in the near future to drastically up their activity and drop their kcal intake… This is from a long term perspective the single worst thing you can do.

First of all, it’s not healthy, and second of all, if you’re training your body to function on fewer kcals the likelihood is you’ll look like a dream for the first day then the over consumption of alcohol and the all you can eat buffet will lead to you gaining all your weight back pretty rapidly… Then your starting all over again for your next holiday.

We fall into this trap of the quick fix for holidays but wouldn’t you all rather feel awesome about yourselves every day regardless?

I’ve done it myself, only kept a look out on my food before a holiday so I was in a bit better shape before I went (I’m talking pre training days here).

My goals for September for our wedding are one thing but in all honesty, I just want to feel good about myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. I genuinely believe that for many of us this never truly 100% happens, there’s always something we’re not happy with, it’s human nature, but if we can be the best version of ourselves and work with what we’ve got, we can get to a positive both physically and mentally where we learn to love ourselves.

So by the time we hit the sunshine I’ll be into month 4 of my “bulk” so averaging around 2700kcals per day. I won’t be cut, my abs won’t be chiselled, I won’t be as lean as I normally would be and I certainly won’t be “in my best shape” but I’ll be able to eat and drink what I want without gaining any more weight, the additional holiday kcals will be put to good use after a week of rest I’ll be back training hard but most importantly, the progress and direction of my goal for September will not have digressed.

I’m not going to lie neither, chances are I’ll have a mini bitch fit when we get there about not feeling my best, but I am human.

The point is you’ve got to think long term, think of next years holiday instead of this one… Dream big and do it properly… Don’t dream fast because once you wake up you’ve got nowhere to go…

S x

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