Motivational People…

Today I’m going to talk about motivation or more specifically motivational people.

(the above pic was a couple who used photoshop to show how easy it is to look good)

Motivation is something everyone seems to get wrong these days; or they simply look for it in all the wrong places. 

You see to me motivation is doing, not having, not showing, not talking.

If your goal is to motivate other people you should do so by leading by example not by showing off or down right lying.

Motivation has turned into a marketing tool. I.e. Look how awesome I am. Look at my perfect little life I’ve created on Instagram now give me your money and you can be perfect just like me.

Me, me, me, me, me!

It’s bullshit! The only reason they have a lifestyle worth showing off is because desperate idiots keep giving them money thinking they are going to achieve a similar quality of life.

The amount of people crippled by dept because they’re trying to keep up with the joneses is pathetic.

Can’t afford to eat but my leased car and rented house look awesome on Instagram.

This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if the people they were trying to imitate weren’t also crippled with dept too trying to keep up with someone else and so on and so on.

Truth is, the life you’re aspiring too doesn’t even exist; it’s a facade.

Anyone can take some nice pictures and make out their living the high life.

The power of social media today would allow a homeless person to showcase a perfect and ‘motivational’ lifestyle if they were given a camera and an internet connection.

Doesn’t mean they actually live that life.

Most peoples idea of being motivated or being motivational is posting a shit meme on Facebook displaying a quote, getting a ton of likes then doing the sum total of fuck all to actually achieve anything.

At least they look motivated though.

They’ll probably have a steady stream of numptys queing up to find out how they can be just as motivational as you.

Erm. Lesson one. Google motivational quote.

Erm. Lesson two. Click paste.

This is exactly the same in the fitness industry. It’s all smoke and mirrors and as long as you have the right look and a top quality instagram feed it doesn’t matter one bit weather you actually know what your doing or not.

You’ll be successful and people will throw money at you because they believe what they see to be reality.

Fuck, with the rise of online coaching you could be a 30 stone, chain shocking, basement living alcoholic and still make a living because as long as you can take a pretty picture your a fucking hero.

It seems like we’ve created a duel world consisting of actual reality and internet reality. Almost reminds me of the film The Truman Show.

Who knows maybe one day everyone will have an epiphany, realise non of it’s actually real and go fucking mental. Oh wait, they already are!

If you want to be motivated get yourself off social media and look around you.

Look for the doers not the showers.

Be motivated by the nurses and doctors who save lives on a daily basis or any of our underrated emergency services.

Please don’t waste your life and your money chasing a dream of photoshopped abs and someone else’s sports car. You’ll only end up disappointed by reality.

Life’s far too short for all that!

Dan “no filter” Breen



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