My Newsfeed My Rules

Social media is a controversial subject but for all of its flaws the important thing to remember is you have pretty much total control over you see and what you don’t.

It’s all well and good blaming it for everything that’s wrong in the world and for causing people to have a warped sense of reality but you don’t have to see the stuff you don’t want to see.

Funny situation the other day. I was happily procrastinating scrolling through my news feed when a picture of some sort of diseased organ popped up.

I went to delete the person who had commented on it only to discover it was my girlfriend. Obviously I couldn’t delete her but when I told her about it she couldn’t understand why I was just going to delete the person who brought it to my feed.

The simple answer is I don’t like seeing that sort of picture. That’s literally it. Say what you will but it’s just not the type of thing I want to look at when I’m enjoying my afternoon shit.

That’s the beauty of social media though isn’t it. It’s your own little space. You choose what you see and what you don’t. If you don’t like something just remove the source. We can’t even do that In real life. If we don’t like something we see we can’t just remove it from our lives however on social media you literally can.

Think about this next time you complain about something you see on your newsfeed. Overly edited Instagram photos making you feel inadequate, delete! People embellishing their lives and making you jealous, delete! Whether it be pictures, opinions or anything else that little unfollow button is right there waiting to do your bidding.

Take back control of how you feel and stop blaming the platform when you have the power to change it.

Why let something you control make you miserable when it doesn’t have too?

Fill your news feed with stuff that makes you happy, that Interests you and captures your imagination.

There’s so much good content out there and you can fill your little space with any of it that makes you happy. Turn it into somewhere you go to make yourself feel better not worse and stop blaming an inanimate thing that you have control of for your problems.






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