What Next?!

What do you do once you’ve achieved your goal?

We all have training or body goals and that’s great. Pretty much everyone who starts with us has a goal they want to achieve and a date or occasion they want to achieve it by.

That bits pretty self explanatory but what happens once you achieve that initial goal?

The hardest part of any training program is getting started; you have to get used to the routine, you have to develop new eating habits and you have to learn new exercise and become comfortable going to whichever gym or class you decide to go too.

This all might sound simple but it really isn’t. It can daunting, intimidating and very stressful but eventually you will reach the state where it becomes a set part of your life. After doing something for 6th month it’s said to become habit so providing you’ve stuck with it for that long then the whole process should be second nature.

Excellent so you’ve got to this stage, you’ve grafted your arse off and you eventually achieve your goal or reach you ‘date’. Depending on how consistent you’ve been There’s no reason why you won’t have achieved everything you set out too.

Now what?

Well, it’s at this point people go wrong. The problem is the reason you got to a place where you weren’t happy and you needed to make a change was because of your diet and lifestyle prior to starting.

The worst thing you can possibly do after you’ve achieved your initial goal is to go back to that lifestyle. Guess what? You’re just going to end up where you were before you started.

After all the effort you’ve gone through to get used to training and eating well and to make all that progress and your just going to give it all up and end up back to where you started? It seems crazy on paper but it honestly happens all the time.

If you want to stay in the shape you have got yourself into then you need to keep doing what you’ve been doing. You won’t just stay in your current shape without the exercise or nutrition it doesn’t work like that.

Here’s what you should do. Once you’ve achieved your goal, enjoy it. Appreciate your work and if you have something planned; a wedding, holiday whatever it is enjoy it. Use this time to relax and re-energise yourself but as soon as you get back you need to get back into what you were doing to get to this stage in the first place. Make a fresh goal and begin to work towards that and this cycle continues indefinitely as long as you want to stay in shape.

If you find something that works for you and you’re getting great results don’t just stop because you’ve achieved what you set out too otherwise a year down the line you’ll be in a worse place than ever and starting from scratch.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. This is a lifestyle; it doesn’t have an end point. It has to remain continuous if you want to continue to make progress.


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