Success Stories

"These results are not typical, they are the results of people willing to work hard to achieve their goals. They are neither average nor typical as the general average and typical person will not always do what is necessary to change their lives and get the results they truly desire. We will do our very best to lead you in the right direction as we have done with those who have provided the following testimonials."

Doesn't like the Gym but Loves Results

58 years young and 47lbs down so far!

Before Steve gives his testimonial below I’d like to give a little introduction…

Steve started on the recommendation of his wife and daughter and when we met Steve he made it perfectly clear he did not like gyms/training and if I was going to take away his weekend pints he would have walked out the door.

We could only get Steve in a couple of times per week so we come up with a plan of sensible calories where he could still have the weekend drinks, low impact training with progressive overload and set his steps to a weekly average…

We set things so that it was very simple and would not put him off in anyway or form.

He stuck to it all and as you can see from the photos its well and truly paid off.

As much as he dislikes the training… we love him… here’s Steve’s story so far….

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It's All About the Coffee...

Meet the lovely Clare

Clare’s been with us now for just over 2 years and hasn’t looked back.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for Clare physically and most of all mentally…

Like you…

You’re probably intimidated by going to the gym…

Not being fit enough.

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Clare Barrow

28lbs in 12 weeks, and he's not stopping now...

Only 8 weeks in to his initial 12 week journey Mike is an incredible 28lbs down so far!!!

Only 4 weeks into his initial journey, we went into lockdown 2.0 for 4 weeks, enough I think you’ll agree to throw a spanner in the works.

Mike, however, cracked on with our simple nutrition guidance and stuck it out with our online workouts.

Now back in the facility and raring to go he’s more determined than ever… an Absolute star to coach.

Keep up the great work…cant wait to see what the next 12 weeks brings.

Mike Wardley

19.5lbs Gone in 7 weeks and not a restrictive meal plan in sight!

19.5lbs Down in 7 weeks!!!

Here’s our client Kris’s progress photos as you can see the abs are already starting to pop through.

It’s amazing how much can change in such a short space of time when you put the work in.

Here at RT Fitness we only ever try and achieve 1lb fat loss each and every week so that you can maintain it for life....See More

Kris Chapman

I Wouldn't Be Travelling Oz if I hadn't found RT Fitness...

For Helen, it was never just about weight loss, it was mindset and mental health too.

Reading what she has written made me well up as I think a positive mental switch is by far one of the most overlooked elements for those starting their own journeys and even from those who are participating, the primary focus is their weight or physique and that’s the part they remember, the part they want to talk about.

Helen has lost a whopping 16lbs since joining at the beginning of October 2017 along with 10.5% body fat and 13 inches but in it’s place she’s gained mental strength, empowerment and the confidence to really take life by the horns.

Helen, you’re the second of our Carnage members to leave us for Australia (I don’t get what’s so amazing about the place to be honest  )

All of us here at RT Fitness wish you the most amazing travels, enjoy every moment and we expect to see plenty of pictures!!!

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Helen Smurthwaite

Knee Surgeries and Shoulder Injuries... No Problem...

Here’s a pic of client Jonny from our Barbell Club.

His journey so far has not been an easy one but with hard work and dedication he’s stuck it out and the results…well you can see for yourself.

When Jonny came to us he had multiple knee surgeries and we had to work around it as best as we could.

During the year he also had many shoulder injuries stopping him from doing certain exercises for months at a time with countless trips to the physio.

Also within this time he took 3 weeks off for his wedding celebrations and then took a month of over Xmas for his honeymoon and to enjoy the festivities.

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Jonny Parrish