Patience Precious…

We all live in the now and it’s affecting our fitness goals as well as our success outside of the gym.

The world has became increasing chauvinistic and impatient.

It’s because of this that people only think about the present.

What they want now, how they want to be perceived now, how successful they are now.

Nobody can take their attention of the present to consider where they want to be in the future.

Years ago everyone saved, now nobody can save for spending and the same go’s for achieving anything.

We’re too busy thinking about having it that we never actually get there.

How does this transfer into your fitness goals you may ask?

Well, as it stands everyone seems picks a goal and that’s it they want it now.

There’s no real consideration as to how they are going to get it they just want it and therefore expect it.

The problem is in order to get to these goals they must first lay the foundations.

Rather than worrying about how you look now they need to be thinking about how they want to look in a year or 2 years time.

If you fail to plan correctly then this will inevitably lead to disappointment and eventual failure.

This is the exact same as what I mentioned earlier.

Short sightedness in your training will always end badly just like it does in any area of life.

This idea can be applied to any area of training not just aesthetics.

Think about it in terms of longevity.

If you fail to look after your body and your health then eventually you’ll end up worse off.

it’s all well and good training hard but if you are careless and end up damaging your body by ego training and ignoring injuries it’s not going to end well.

Someone who trains sensibly for 20 year is going to be more successful than someone who smashes it for 5 years injuring themselves and can’t do anything for the other 15 years.

The short term gains simply aren’t worth it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t worry about where you are now but it should be part of a much bigger picture and everything you do now should be with a better future in mind rather than a better present.

Think long term, be patient and in the end you’ll achieve your goals.


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