People Can Be So Cruel…

I train hard, I track my nutrition and I can tell you I am so so proud of what I have achieved in myself. I know that so many people, not just those that walk through our doors feel the same about their own journey and their own progress. No matter how small you feel an achievement is, if it’s an achievement and you’ve done something you wanted to, even if it’s just signing up and showing up, you have the right to be proud, you have the right to shout about it and show it off!!!

You see, there’s these people in the world sometimes that can be so cruel, they feel it necessary to completely obliterate someone else’s good feels because either they’re just plain nasty, or because it makes them feel better because they’ve not achieved what they set out to, or they’ve only made what is to them small progress that they ain’t happy with.

Myself and the Warriors went on a girls night before Christmas and I encountered it. I’m very proud of my body and had a crop top and trousers on… No matter how proud I am, I’m always self conscious outside of the gym… And low and behold I encountered some bitchiness… A girl was in earshot and told her friend to have a look at “that lass with the crop top on” and proceeded to say… “I’d hate to look like that she’s too masculine, I just want a little bit of a toned look”… Honestly, how to kill a good vibe in one breath. I wanted to call her a little witch and be on my way but that’s not my nature, it bugged me, it got under my skin…

So then this morning I was checking out Instagram and saw a class 3 month transformation from a competitive model, I read the comments out of interest and she was getting absolutely slated!! Not just by random people but other athletes!! These athletes who were also in great shape but maybe didn’t have the definition in the same place (which was in this case her shoulders) and they were literally calling her a liar. Saying nothing grows that fast, she can’t possibly be natural, she has to be on something to get that level of progress… These people should in theory know the score, they should know that if someone’s body fat is down and they’re training daily and focusing on a muscle group that with a post work out pump on, they’re gonna look pretty shredded closer to a show.

I just don’t understand why human nature is this way. We’ve become massively social via media and I guess when we put things out there about ourselves were leaving ourselves open to criticism, but nastiness… Is there any need? I know there is scepticism because unfortunately there are a lot of people who do photoshop pictures in order to get business but you can tell them an absolute mile off!!

If we aren’t careful we are going to kill our own progress quite frankly because we will fear what people have to say about it.

I’m going to not say anything too much more about these “haters”… I’m going to do the opposite… I’m gonna show them a little bit of love…

We are all on a journey, some a more dialled into their nutrition, some are further along the road, some are making massive headway at the beginning of their quest and others dip in and out… I’m not going to curse you for dipping in and out, for not being happy with your results so far… I’m going to tell you that no matter what the progress, it’s still progress… You might not be where you want to be but you’re on your way!!! Be fucking proud of what you’re doing!!! Please don’t judge someone else off the back of your own feelings of failure, firstly because it’s unfair on them and secondly, because you’re being unfair on yourself, hugely unfair!!! Enjoy the process, focus on yourself and what you’re doing, support others around you and see everything from a more positive angle and you’ll find your results come that bit faster!!! It takes far less time and energy to support someone and give kudos for a great job than it does to be a little keyboard warrior.

For those who don’t dip in and out, for those who’ve completely given up… Don’t cast judgement on those who chose not to give in, who chose to keep going no matter how hard it was. One day, you might just decide enough is enough and get back to whatever it was you were aiming to achieve and the best feeling in the world is when someone supports you for it!!

And well, if you’re just nasty, someone out there actually loves you, they’re probably so sad to see you being this person, this negative and nasty person… Ask yourself how much better life would be if you just let it go… Whatever it is that makes you feel the need to say such awful things, sometimes about or to people you don’t even know, just let it go…

It’s nice to be nice! Everyone should try it!!!

A little message for those who face this negativity, who get their progress pissed on by colleagues or people they don’t know… Keep your head held high, you’re doing awesome, keep on going!! Be proud of who you are, be proud of the steps your taking and don’t let anyone dampen your shine!!!

S x

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