Little People Still Eating Big…

Why are so many people overweight?

Well, one of the main reasons is that we are creatures of habit and we develop these habits throughout our lives. The type of food we grow up eating or seeing people eat and the portion sizes we are used to all come together to define our diets and how we view food.

This is why so many people struggle when it comes to dieting or improving their health. They are trying to change a way of thinking and a way of doing things that they have developed over their whole life time. In the end most people will fail and simply revert back to type.

I’m not pointing the finger of blame here but the reality as to why most people are overweight is because they’ve been brought up with a poor diet and never been able to shake it.

This is where it gets interesting. The average adult is on a ‘diet’ for a massive portion of their adult lives. However during these periods of dieting they only change what they eat; nobody elses.

Having already established that the reason the majority of them are overweight because of the persecution of food they’ve been brought up with and around it seems crazy that most people continue to feed their kids the same shit they ate growing up thus ensuring they’ll suffer the exact same fate and in turn the cycle continues.

If we stopped being so self obsessed for a second and sought to come to terms with the problem rather than looking for the solution then we’d probably dedicate a lot more time and effort into instilling a good knowledge of diet and nutrition into the next generation and we can finally attempt to stop the cycle.

I’m not sure where this bit gets loads on the general public but children are just little people. They can eat the same type of good, nutritious food that you do only in smaller portions. They don’t need to be fed processed shit and sweets 24/7. Just treat them like a smaller version of yourself. Nobody bats an eye lid at a child eating a bowl of sugary cereal or a crappy sandwich for lunch but if you prepared them a proper meal people would be baffled.

It’s not just the food either. We don’t just decide to obsess over our bodies and body weight one day it’s something that’s instilled into us from watching our parents and the people around us constantly dieting, constantly failing and constantly hating themselves.

If we were all a lot more conscious of preparing the next generation for a healthier life then we might actually get somewhere because helping ourselves seems to be a lost cause.



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