A Little About Perseverance…

Perseverance is the secret to achieving your goals.

This doesn’t just apply to training it applies to everything in life.

If you give up at the first difficult patch you’d never get anywhere or achieve anything.

Anyone who is in good shape or has an impressive physique has undoubtedly failed many many times.

We’re humans, our lives don’t always go as planned, our circumstances change, we get injured. I’ve been injured many times and it has caused more set backs than I care to remember but you can’t just stop.

You have to get back on the bike and keep trying and keep trying. Deep down you know that eventually you are going to fall off again but you have to make sure everything in between counts for something and you will inevitably make progress if you keep going.

It seems like exercise is all or nothing with people they start, something happens and they quit.

They then start the cycle again months down the line never once stopping to consider where they would be if they just kept going, worked around injuries, worked through the bad times.

It might not be perfect but that something is better than nothing and you will still make progress even if it is slow.

I’m not trying to be overly motivational here, in my opinion motivation should come from yourself not some crap you read on the internet this is intended as advise.

If you want to achieve your goals, you need that drive that drags you off the floor and makes you keep going.

I literally couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve stood in the gym with a small weight on my back feeling like I’m starting again.

Yes, its shit, yes, it hurts your ego but it doesn’t take long to get back to where you were and it’ll certainly leave you in better shape than the alternative. Which is to quit; feel sorry for yourself and end up in a worse position than when you started. In reality though your only normally a few weeks away from being back on track.

If someone asked me what the secret to achieving anything in the gym is I’d tell them the above.

Don’t quit, no matter how hard it is or how bad everything seems if you pick yourself back up you’ll continue towards your goals if you give up you’ll never get there and every single person who has ever achieved anything in or out of the gym has no doubt failed many more times but where as the average person quit they kept going. That’s literally the difference.

Think about this next time something gets hard or you consider stopping! You haven’t come this far and gave up countless hours to end up back where you were when you first entered a gym.


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