All of our members can benefit from the use of our extensive range of gym equipment and a multitude of fitness classes.


Team Carnage

This is our Group training program primarily focused on getting you fitter, stronger and helping you burn body fat.  Team Carnage was formed back in 2012 and we helped our clients shed pounds and increase their fitness levels.  We focus on exercises that utilise your own body weight and other resistance elements to increase lean muscle mass (toning) and reduce body fat through calorie expenditure.  We also give you nutritional guidance that avoids silly starvation methods and actually helps you understand nutrition to continue with even if you choose not to train with us in the future.

Now that we have our own 3000 sq foot facility, no matter what the weather, wind, rain, hail or snow, the class will always be on!!!  So no more excuses, no more waking up to rain and snoozing your alarm clock because that rain ain’t stopping no one, we’re on a mission!  So here’s to Team Carnage, get in and get it done and just think… no more doing burpees in dog shit!  Everyone’s a winner!


The Barbell Club

Are you fed up of training and not seeing the results despite the graft and the strict eating regime?  Have you hit a wall and are you getting bored of training on your own or with your unreliable training partner?  If that sounds like you then I know you used to be fitter, stronger and more in shape than you are now.

This is the strength and physique program for men who have lost their way and are fed up of not seeing the results they deserve, the ultimate 12 week body mansformation!  You will see your strength go through the roof and you’ll start to fill out that shirt in all of the right places.