Quit Lying To Yourself…

If you want to change your body you need to stop lying to yourself.

The levels of self delusion people have when it comes to gaining and losing weight is ridiculous.

Do you honestly believe you got fat eating 1200 calories a day or even 2000?

The only way we as humans can either gain or lose weight is by consuming more calories than we burn.

I’m currently just over 15 stone. If I just wanted to maintain my current weight I’d need to eat an average ranging from 2500 calories a day upwards just to keep that weight and that’s without training.

Factor in training and daily activity and it’s probably closer to 3000 for me. However we’ll stick to the first figure as it’s probably closer to what most people need.

So, to maintain that weight of 15 stone that’s how much I need to eat. If I had not previously been training or being active when I started I would begin to lose weight at that amount of calories.

This would be the starting point once weight loss stopped I would gradually drop calories.

In order to gain weight i’d have to be eating in excess of a 2500 calories average probably a lot more. Gaining weight doesn’t just happen.

This is the same for everyone; unless there’s something seriously wrong with you, in which case go to the doctors then we all work this way pretty much.

The numbers will obviously be different from person to person depending on many things but the fact remains if you are still gaining weight then it’s because you are eating more than you think you need, and no that doesn’t mean you need less than 1500 calories it means you’re eating more than that without realising it.

There’s no sugar coating this even if you’re very small you are not going to be gaining weight on very low calories.

This isn’t me having a go I’m trying to help. Every week I get told by people that they aren’t losing weight on low calories and they want to lower it further.

The truth is your simply eating more than you realise.

The only way your going to fix this is by accepting your going wrong somewhere and listening to help, advise and other strategies to better understand what you are eating.

Not by continuing this lie to yourself whilst mindlessly dropping your calories.


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