Are You Ready For the Zombie Apocalypse…

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

Obviously I’m joking with that first sentence but theres a valid point in there somewhere. As a nation we are the most physically useless we’ve ever been.

If the need ever arises in which we had to do something physical by necessity the majority of the population would be fuckeddddd.

Now I’m not predicting impending doom on the planet but, it isn’t majorly far fetched that at some point in your lifetime you may be required to be physically capable in order to help yourself or those around you.

As a whole we are fatter, more unfit, lazier, weaker; both physically and mentally and more dependent on infrastructure than ever before.

I know you’re probably thinking I’ve gone insane here but we have a nation of soft, dependent, incapable people who refuse to take any responsibility for their health, fitness and well being who couldn’t run up a flight of stairs if their life depended on it.

We all have a responsibility to ourselves and to those around us not to be completely useless.

We might work longer hours than we previously have but that doesn’t mean we work harder, jobs have gotten physically easier.

This means If you want to stay physically in shape you need to make the time to do some form of activity.

It doesn’t have to be a gym it could be a sport or pretty much any other physical activity but it’s important you do something.

I know I’ve used extreme examples but it can be applied to day to day life.

Helping someone move house, pushing a car in the snow, even just being able to play with your children (if their not busy starring at a screen that is) just little things that we should be capable of doing as humans.

You may disagree with me but if I’m ever caught up in anything I’d rather be the person helping rescue people because I’m physically capable of doing so rather than the person needing to be rescued because they couldn’t be arsed to look after themselves.

Dan “the zombie killer” Breen

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