Take Responsibility…

The sooner you realise that your responsible for your own progress the quicker that progress will come.

We’ve written countless blogs explaining just how simple it can be to make positive changes to your body, health and mindset.
However, the simple fact remains that unless you do your bit nothing else matters.

Paying for a gym membership or a class or personal training won’t get you results. Turning up to these sessions won’t get you results.

Buying every supplement you see won’t get those results either.
So, what does get you results.

Simple. You don’t just pay for training, you actually turn up to the sessions. You don’t just need to turn up either. You actually need to step up and give it some when your there.

The reason so many people are losing their way with training is because spending money is easy and working hard isn’t and nobody wants to work hard anymore.

Then, when all that money you’ve spent plus the zero effort you’ve added yourself doesn’t work you look for someone to blame or you move on to the next gym, trainer or diet claiming you’ve tried everything and nothing works.

Well, next time your playing the blame game try looking in the mirror and you might just find the problem.

Here’s a fact. You can get in awesome shape without spending a penny. People all over the world have been getting in great shape using shit facility’s and eating shit food for many many years.

Another fact for you. You can’t achieve anything without working hard and putting everything you have into it.

You can have a membership to the best gym going but your not achieving shit because you can’t buy heart or a good attitude and have it delivered to you door like your new trainers that will still look new in 2 months time.

If you’re really serious about making a change you need to learn hard work. You need to learn how to push yourself and apply intensity.

Don’t worry I’m not going all beast mode on you. That’s not our style but unless your pushing yourself at least some what out of your comfort zone your body won’t change because it doesn’t need to. It can already meet your demands exactly how it is.

When I first entered this industry there was a reason I didn’t look for jobs at a fancy health club I sought out a proper gym with plenty of iron, squat racks, no mirrors and an atmosphere that demands results.

The reasons for this are self explanatory. I do what I do because I want to help people and in order to do that they need to be in an environment that forces them to do everything I’ve talked about thus far. Work hard and push themselves and if your in the wrong environment your fighting a losing battle before you even start.

So if your tired of wasting money and time and you want to learn how to train hard In the correct environment come pay us a visit you might just learn something.


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