Do you get the results you actually want??

Do you get the results you want in the gym?

If you are an avid trainer and you’re hitting the gym multiple times per a week and you’re still not making progress then chances are your doing something wrong.

Here’s my top 5 factors that could be stopping your progress.

Number 1. Are you following a programme? If your not following a a solid programme and you just go to the gym and do what you fancy that particular day your not going to make progress there’s just too many variable to ensure constant progression.

Number 2. If you are following a programme is it specific to your goals? No matter what your goals are if your programme isn’t tailored to your own personal goals you’re always going to be disappointed with the results. If you don’t know where to find a good programme reach out to someone who does. It’ll save you a lot of time.

Number 3. Intensity! This one is quite simple; are you actually working hard enough. People these days seem to have a BIG problem understanding the concept of hard work. Unless you’re really pushing yourself you’re never going to force an adaptation. There’s is a difference however between working hard and being stupid you don’t have to go crazy to the point where you can’t train for the rest of the week but if your giving yourself an extra 5 minutes rest because you flicking through Facebook then you shouldn’t be in a gym to start with.

4. Consistency. You might be following a great programme and smashing it every time you step into the gym however; if you only step into the gym once or twice a week and you’re missing sessions then your results are going to reflect this. There’s 7 days in a week you only need to be training for an hour 3-4 times a week, cut the shit and get it done.

5. Accountability. If you don’t have anyone to answer to then it’s too damn easy to slack. A bad day turns into a bad session which turns into a bad week. A good training partner will help massively with this but seeing as they’re about as rare as deeps squats in commercial gyms then a coach may be a better option. They’ll also help make sure the rest of this list is covered as well. We all think we can do it ourselves but everyone benefits from a little push in the right direction.

*** BONUS TIP ***

Nutrition!!! This could easily be number one on this or any other list. It’s as important if not if not more so than your actual training yet it’s the thing most people are worst at. If you know you’re nutrition is letting you down stop reading crap on the internet and get in touch with someone who knows what their doing. Its a lot simpler than you realise.

Stop wasting time and money slogging away doing all the wrong things. Swallow your pride, seek help and advise and you’ll finally start to see the change you’ve been looking for.



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