Life is Too Short!!!

Life is too short…

Here at RT Fitness, we like to enjoy our training, we like to enjoy our food.

We will NEVER tell you to cut something out completely or give you a rigid meal plan to follow that means no alcohol, no chocolate, etc.

I’ve noticed lately that some PT’s are starting to criticise other PT’s for diet and training regimes… some PT got bashed on FB for being a typical pretty blonde PT because someone recommended her after leaving his establishment, there was an onslaught as to her diet, what she ate, what she trained like, the works!!!

It came primarily from a few PT’s who offer transformations ONLY on the basis of cutting out alcohol for 8 weeks, being in the gym 5 times per week, eating “clean” foods provided on a list and only those foods otherwise you “failed”.

I always knew the fitness industry was FULL of this type of behaviour but honestly it made me shudder.

This poor lass whoever she is was getting absolutely caned for her approach and publicly.

You see everyone has an opinion and everyone has a preference… some are paleo, some “clean”, some carb cycling, some steroid users, some not.

We here at RT Fitness have our ways and our means and if this poor lass above was getting criticised I’m damn sure they’d have a field day if they saw my nutrition or even my approach to training.

You see… I’m quite realistic… I like life, I like living, I like weekends in coffee shops eating scones and my Friday night curry with a few glasses of Prosecco or a bottle or two of Peroni.

I’ve been having moments of late where I check out other female PT’s and compare, something I tell EVERY one of my clients NOT to do, I’ve been criticising myself, how I approach social media, what I share/don’t share, what my pictures look like, the fact I don’t look hot as f**k in my posts and that they do, their hair, bodies, everything… just… perfect…

I’ve absolutely battered my own head in with what I “should” be in order to compete… I’ve had a picture on my phone from my Hen Do where for the first time in months I was like YES I look MINT, and there it has sat on my phone, too scared to share for criticism that I’m not as good as the above said “hot PT’s” but also because I don’t want to look like “them girls”… it’s like I am super proud of what I’ve achieved but so scared of social criticism that I over analyse everything.

I can write it down and say my bit as few people read far enough down to get the jist… but if I was to post a picture… I’m open to criticism! I’m comparing myself to these PT’s who are SUPER strict with their nutrition and training and their physical appearance is testament to how hard they work and how they live their lives, I’m comparing myself to a situation I would never actually want to put myself in, to a way of living that would make me personally, miserable as fook… where is the sense in that?!

So… back to my point… I love life, I love food, I don’t like to live restricted, we’ve enough of that already in the world, living our lives according to times of day and structure.

Here at RT Fitness we want our clients to feel the same whilst getting closer to their goals, loving life and also learning to love themselves. Losing weight and loving your body doesn’t mean you have to cut every little thing that brings you joy out of your life. Sure, if you want to do bikini competitions etc you HAVE to do this, but most people don’t actually want to do that.

There is a time and a place for such restrictions and quite frankly to those PT’s who’ve had a bitch and moan over others approach, not everyone wants to be absolutely shredded and on stage so why in the world would you tell them that any other approach other than yours is wrong?

You have your place in this industry, you have your knowledge and expertise to do some real good for people… BUT so do us less restrictive coaches like the girl you publicly bashed…

It’s the above PT’s who shun other PT’s and their approach who make people equate their bodies to their worth as human beings!!!

If your goal is to feel fitter, healthier, stronger, be a bit leaner, lose a bit of weight… You can do all of this without overly restricting yourself, without “clean eating”, without injecting yourself with steroids, without starving, whilst still going out on weekends with your family or friends.

Find something you enjoy doing, find a gym/coach who’s approach YOU are comfortable with, enjoy the process… the truth is there are plenty of us out there who are willing to help you… many of us have different approaches… depending on what you want, do your research, find something which suits you and stick with it. Everyone is different and everyone has their own goals, find something that works for you… life is too short to do something that makes you miserable and I guarantee with all of the different training techniques, classes, nutrition approaches, etc… there’s something out there for everyone.

I’m hoping this all makes sense… it does right? Our approach is our approach, theirs is theirs… you have to find one that works for YOU, we aren’t going to tell you who is the best, that’s for YOU to decide.

S x




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