My Skull Is Better Than Your Skull…

Today I’m going to move away from my usual direction of training and nutrition and talk about something all together more serious.

If working in this industry has taught me anything it’s that people as a whole are fucking miserable, I meant really genuinely sad. I don’t mean that in any other sense than most people are very unhappy. Unhappy with life, with themselves, with society, with pretty much everything.

Now, when I first got involved with training it was through my own love of it. My interest has always and will always be the performance of the human body. Making people ‘prettier’ never really came onto my radar. I wanted to make people fitter, stronger, move better, overcome injuries and many other factors that actually matter.

I was young, I was deluded!

The average person comes to a gym because they want to be perceived as being more attractive. A much more unworthy cause, but it seems that this industry now falls into the same category as a hairdresser, make-up artist or whatever other shite people do to make themselves look ‘better’.

Big problem with that, it doesn’t work. Whatever you try to change unless you change your mindset your never ever going to be happy or feel good.

So, Two simple tips for a happier healthier life that might actually work.

Stop caring what other people think and stop thinking about other people.

One of the main reasons everyone feels like shit and has no self esteem is because they think everyone is paying as much attention to them and judging them as much as they judge everyone else.

So, wanna feel better? Stop judging the world around you and maybe the pressure of the world around you judging you might be lifted.

It’s a vicious circle that we see around us everyday. People judge from the moment they wake up and look at Facebook to the moment they close Instagram and shut their eyes.

Their too thin, their too fat, their just pretending to be happy, look what their wearing, look what their buying. Most people spend their life thinking of ways to put other people down then complain that the worlds too judgy and that they’ve got low self esteem; of course you bloody well do you fucking hypocrite your so well trained and obsessed with sniffing out any imperfections in everyone else that you end up highlighting your own.

Is it really worth all this effort to find a fault that will give you a perceived edge over someone else to make you feel better if it ends up getting you down as well.

We are all humans none of us are better than the rest. It’s all relative, one persons beautiful is another’s ugly there is no right or wrong these are fabricated ideals they don’t actually exist.

We all live and we all die.

What you look like now and how people look at you now won’t matter shit in 100 years time when we’re rotting in the ground and all but forgotten; “My rotten skull is prettier than your rotten skull” not really relevant is it.

Heck, it won’t even matter in 20 years time when you spent so much time watching make up tutorials or practicing selfies you forgot to listen in school and get a decent education.

Try affording designer make-up and cloths on minimum wage without your parents their to fund you and with a mortgage to pay.

Then see how important your looks are.

We get one shot at being happy and enjoying life.

This is all we get! It’s this life or worm food.

There’s nothing else going on here nothing more, nothing after, Sort you shit out and get busy making yourself happy rather than letting the world pass you by because you too busy staring into a mirror or a smart phone.

To say I’m disillusioned with the shit stain of a generation I belong to is an understatement and unless we all take a serious look at ourselves and stop ripping ourselves apart to try and fit fabricated ideals then we’re destined for a life of misery.

Stop chasing peoples approval and do what you want, look how you want, go where you want with who you want, smile at people rather than judging them, look at the world around you with your eyes rather than the lens of a camera and just maybe you’ll start to see the good in the world, other people and eventually in yourself.


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