So… Easter Weekend

So…… Easter weekend.

As dieters this presents quite the challenge.

Challenge number 1.

Most of us will have 4 days off work. This will probably result in sitting in the house bored and as we all know boredom leads to boredom eating.

Challenge number 2.

Alcohol. Those of us who get a few days off work and have any semblance of a social life will see this weekend as a brilliant excuse to hit a 3 day bender. This will be the pastime of choice for most my friends and family this weekend so this will be my biggest challenge.

Challenge number 3.

CHOCOLATE. Lots and lots of chocolate. It’s Easter and if you have children that means one thing. A house full of chocolate.

So how do you combat these problems?

Number 1 is an easy fix. Use this weekend as an opportunity to get outside and do something active. It’s free and it will keep you and the family busy. It will also stop you eating for the fun of it.

Number 2. This is slightly more difficult. We all work hard and when the opportunity to enjoy ourselves presents itself we should grab it with both hands. However if your goal is fat loss you can’t have everything.

I’ll explain how my weekend is going to go and hopefully it will get that point across. Friday I’m going out with my girlfriends family for a meal then the rest of the day will be spent in the same company having a good drink.

I’ve got no intention of changing this for the world. I’m looking forward to it and I’m going to enjoy myself. That doesn’t mean I will go stupid though. I’ll be training Friday morning as per usual. I will also try to make the best choices in terms of the food I eat. I’ve already got my eyes on the fillet steak. What I definitely won’t do however is subject my company to endless drivel about my diet and pester the waiting staff about what’s going on my plate I.e. Quantities. Please don’t be that person, it gives us fitness folk a bad name. If I do everything right nobody will even realise I’m dieting.

The rest of the day my tipple of choice will probably be some sort of spirit with a diet mixer, damage limitation so to speak. I’ll also refrain from the end of night take away because quite simply, there’s no need.

Saturday, if I wasn’t dieting I’d be in a pub by about 12 with no intention of coming home until Monday. I’m am though and this simply isn’t a option. Chances are I’ll go for a nice long walk to clear my head from Friday. I’ll also try to eat pretty much protein only reducing my calories a little lower than normal in order to take the edge off Friday.

Sunday, the decision has already been made for me. Almost everyone I know is having a long over due night out/catch up but seeing as I’m up at 4:30 for work I won’t be.  I will however go out during the day and drink Diet Coke. This will keep me out the house and stop me over eating it will also stop me feeling so left out and depressed. As for drinking Coke all day. I’m an adult, I posses will power. No biggie.

Number 3 is perhaps the easiest of the lot. Easter eggs are for the kids, let’s keep it that way.

Maybe have yourself a small chocolate egg but let’s face it we’re adults and there’s no excuse to sit on the couch all day stuffing your face with chocolate eggs.

Snap out of it.


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