Stop Concentrating On How You Look…

Why it’s time to stop worrying about how you look on the outside and start worry about how you look on the inside.

Doing what we do I’ve encounter a large number of overweight/obese individuals. The most astonishing thing about these people is that when they talk about losing weight it’s almost exclusively in aesthetic terms.

They talk about how they want to weigh this much or be a certain dress size but none of them ever say I would just like to live to see 40. This would probably be a more realistic and important goal for themselves.

Yes losing weight does have a lot of health benefits and the feeling is fantastic

It’s scary that as a nation people can be so overweight it’s literally killing them and still the only thing they care about is how they look. Where did it all go wrong?

The main objective of exercise in my opinion should never be aesthetics. For the general population it should be to get more active of focusing on health and for the more serious trainer the focus should always be on performance.

If you focus on your health and being more active then the natural fatloss will occur

Let’s cut the egotistical bullshit and start thinking about your health because that will have a far greater effect on your life than how you look ever will.


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