Stop Being Scared Of Food…

People are living in fear of one life’s few necessities and it’s utterly ridiculous.

If you overeat you will get fat And if you keep overeating you will become obese that much is obvious.

If you become obese it can lead to obesity related disease eventually. This is a direct consequence of being obese and it is not caused by eating specific foods it’s caused by overeating as a whole.

There is no reason to be scared of any food. Whether it be fat, carbs (sugar) or protein.

There’s scaremongering everywhere. Sugar is going to give you diabetes, protein is going to give you cancer, fat and cholesterol are going to cause heart disease.

Honestly if you listened to half of this shit you’d never eat anything again. The media are never going to stop writing or producing this stuff until people stop paying for it. As long as they continue to make money they’ll continue to spoon feed you shit forever. It’s time to find out the truth and stop living in fear.

Food is something that should be enjoyed. It’s one of life’s few pleasures and cutting out all the foods you enjoy in the name of better health and well being is a recipe for disaster. You’ll inevitably relapse and end up back where you started.

As long as you eat a well balanced diet, stay active and enjoy all the good things in moderation you’ll be fine. Energy balance is the only thing that is going to cause you to gain or lose weight not the specific foods you eat.

Learn to enjoy your favourite foods whilst also losing weight and becoming healthier. It can be done and you’ve got a much better chance of doing it by being less restrictive. It’s a no brainer.


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