Why Strength Training…

Why strength training is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do.

When people think of gyms they think of cardio and when people think of training they think of weight loss.

Neither of which are particularly enjoyable and both are usually done by necessary rather than preference.

However, due to those assumptions most people who start doing either will immediately rush to the treadmill and begin to starve themselves.

This is about as enjoyable as a kick in the nuts and because of this people begin to associate the gym with being a miserable place and they stop going.

It doesn’t have to be this way! There are many ways to train that are far more enjoyable and far more rewarding. One of these is strength training.

Strength training is my personal passion so it’s easy for me to sit here and say it’s awesome but I challenge anyone to give it a try and not find it a massively enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The first reason for this is the shift in mindset it brings about. If you go to the gym with weight loss on your mind your going to view it in negative way. However if you enter the gym looking to achieve something and you focus on getting better every session and increasing the weight your lifting its extremely motivating. It’s all positive.

The majority of people are going to find it easier initially as well. If your overweight or seriously unfit cardio is going to be hell for you it’s going to be hard and anything that’s hard is going to be difficult to stick at. If this applies to you your going to find strength training far more enjoyable and you’ll stick at it. This in turn will lead to far better results in the long term.

Another reason is the fact it makes you feel fucking awesome. When you lift a seriously heavy weight you feel like a super hero. The look of pure elation on someone’s face when they hit a PB is amazing it’s certainly one of the most rewarding aspects of training people.

There’s also no pressure on you. Your not stressing about how you look because it doesn’t matter and you’re not getting down because the number on the scales hasn’t changed. The only person your competing against is yourself and because of that you can feel great every session. Even if you have a week were your nutrition is shit you can still walk in the gym, lift a pb and nothing else matters. You don’t lose motivation.

If you can find a form of training that you enjoy and you stick at and provides you with a massive amount of self satisfaction your body will change by itself because your consistently pushing it. The only difference is you won’t be stressing yourself silly to get there you’ll enjoy every minute.


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