Are You Stuck in a Cycle of Failure…

Are you stuck in a cycle of failure!

People say success is addictive and in a strange sort of way so is failure.

If your on a constant cycle of setting goals and then failing to achieve them you become accustomed to failure you begin to expect failure before you’ve even set out to achieve something.

I’ve been there myself.

If I’m honest I’ve probably been stuck in a cycle of failure for the last 3 or 4 years.

I’ve made mistakes, let myself down and ultimately failed to achieve certain goals. This leads to a mentally that failure is not only acceptable but you expect it.

This expectancy of failure means that you might as well have given up before you even start.

This is especially prevalent when it comes to dieting.

Often people have been stuck in a cycle of starting a diet, failing a diet and ultimately gaining more weight year after year after year.

The result is a subconscious expectation that starting a diet will lead to eventual failure. In essence you’ve already failed without you even knowing it.

However just like failure is a cycle so is success and once you start to realise you are capable of achieving a goal and that your previous failures don’t mean you are a failure you can start to build a cycle of achievement.

The key to this however is marginal gains.

Learn to appreciate the small successes, enjoy the little moments of achievement in every day or every training session.

Gradually build the mentally of achieving little goals one after the other and appreciating them.

Don’t set out to climb a mountain set out to take the first step. Eventually all these little steps will take you to the top of that mountain and that’s where your long term goals lie.

It’s this cycle of little successes that will lead to the ultimate success of finally achieving the goals you’ve failed to achieve so many times before.

It’s a habit that you need to train your mind for. Set a goal and achieve it. Not set a goal and fail.

The easier you make your goals to achieve the more likely you are to achieve them and from that you’ll eventually achieve the bigger more difficult goals.

So, if you feel like this applies to you I want you to set yourself done really easy goals to begin with, so easy that there almost easier to achieve than to fail.

Once you have achieved them I want you to give yourself a massive pat on the back and to set yourself another easy goal for the day after and so on and so on.

You’ll be surprised just how accustomed to success you’ll become.


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