Summer is over!

As depressing as that statement might be its a reality we have to come to terms with.

This however shouldn’t mean that you stop training as well.

This is the pattern most people will follow throughout the year with regards to training.

January comes round and with that come the New Years resolutions.

They decide to start a diet and they begin going to the gym which inevitably comes to an end. Usually by February.

You revert back to your usual habits and end up putting any weight you’ve lost back on. Then you book a holiday and the diet starts again only this time you stick with it until you go away.

Your in pretty good shape on your holiday then as soon as you come back that’s it; you’ll forget all about training and nutrition until January.

How do you expect to be in awesome shape come the summer if you don’t train for half the year?

Winter is a really important time to be training especially if you resistance training.

You don’t have to worry about looking good because you’ll be wrapped up for 6 month.

This means you can get your calories up and really enjoy your training.

The focus will be mainly on building muscle and some strength.

You’ll gain a little fat with it but who cares.

This might seem strange to some people but you’ve probably not gained any more weight than you would have if you’d scrapped training all together for the winter.

The difference is the majority of that weight will be muscle and this will be a massive advantage when you come to dieting again in the new year.

Not only will you look much much better when you do lean out it will also make it easier to get there.

If you wait until 6 or 8 weeks before you want to be lean to start training it’s already too late.

You might lose some weight but you certainly won’t look how you imagined you would.

Be smart with your training and don’t be a lazy hermit during the winter.

Get yourself in the gym and start work on next years body.


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