Why You Do That…

7 things people who don’t lift will never understand about those that do.

1. We enjoy it – Everyone assumes that people who go to the gym are just really disciplined. Not true! We do it because we enjoy it. It’s a hobby and like any hobby it’s something we want to do not force ourselves to do.

2. We eat loads – ‘you’re in great shape’ ‘I wish I could diet like you’ This again couldn’t be further from the truth. Those of us that train hard eat ‘LOADS’. In fact I’d go as far as to say being able to eat loads and not get fat is one of people’s favourite things about lifting. On average most of us probably eat more than the average overweight person we just just use the fuel better.

3. It’s social – This is especially true if you train in a small gym like ours. It’s as much about the chatting and camaraderie as it is about the training. Like going to the pub but without the drinking, poor decisions or next day regrets.

4. It allows you to vent – The majority of us are perpetually pissed off. The world is full of arseholes who seem to try their upmost to keep us in the worst mood possible. Getting angry and lifting heavy shit is a great way to avoid wanting to kill someone or dragging all that baggage and anger home and falling out with your family.

5. Looking good is the consequence not the purpose –
Everyone assumes that if you train you train to look good. This isn’t true as I said above there’s loads of real reasons people train. Looking good just happens to be the consequence of doing something you enjoy.

6. It gives you a feeling of belonging – as with the social comment. Society is changing and people are feeling increasingly isolated being part of a like minded community gives a different dynamic to your life. A group of new people, a new place to go. The feeling that you are part of something outside your family or work.

7. It gives you a sense of achievement – Most people are stuck in dead end jobs and the last time they achieved something was probably the last time they left education. A sense of achievement is great for our mental well being, it makes us feel good and builds our self-esteem. It’s something that’s missing from pretty much anyones life, who doesn’t compete in something. Striving to lift a bigger weight or perform some other feat in the gym will provide you with that sense of achievement.






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