Time To Be Quiet…

Stop talking in the fucking gym!

If you regularly attend the gym or a class it’s because you want to change your physique.

In order to change your physique you need to push your body beyond its current capacity in order to create a stimulus for that change.

If you spend the whole fucking time you’re there chatting shitting then you are wasting your time and everyone else’s.

Seriously, actually think about what you are doing for one second!

When I train I train.

That means I’m working my actual bollocks off to get the results I want.

When I train I can’t talk. I’m knackered I’m a sweaty clip, at best I might be able to squeeze out a one word answer but the chances of holding a conversation are zero.

So when you sit and chat shit for the entire hour you are in the gym or training all you’re doing is letting everyone know you are putting in about 50%.

There’s numerous ridiculous things about this but here’s the ones that really stick out.

Firstly, you’ve actually put in the effort to get to the gym in the first place. You’ve took time out of your life to get up and go to the gym and then completely wasted the time you actually spent there.

What an absolute waste of your valuable time.

Secondly, a gym membership on average costs about £40 in the UK and that’s a cheap one something decent is going to cost a lot more especially if you add coaching into the picture. By comparison an unlimited refill coffee in Wetherspoons costs about £1.50.

When you come to the gym and spend the whole time talking, the place you really should be is Weatherspoons having a coffee a slice of cake and a nice chat and guess what?

You’d get the same amount of benefit.

Thirdly, your aren’t talking to yourself. Well I hope not anyway; this means your not just wasting your own time but whoever else you are taking too.

Most people are too polite to ask you to shut up and fuck off so they just carry on the conversation allowing their own session to go to shit as well.

The whole situation is just a giant waste of time for everyone involved.

I’m not saying the gym can’t be a social environment.

It’s a great place to meet new people. Loads of our clients come in early for a coffee and a bit crack but once the session starts the talking stops and the hard work begins.

Most gym sessions are 45min to an hour that’s it just keep your mouth shut for that tiny portion of your day then use the other 23 hours of the day to talk to people or go for a coffee after either way just shut up when you are in the gym.






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