Time To Be Selfish…

Today I’m going to talk to about negative influences and distractions and how they effect you’re training.

Whenever you decide to make a commitment to yourself.

To do something for yourself. It’s inevitable that people will do there best to make you break this commitment. Be it intentionally or not its an inevitability.

If you commit to bettering yourself and dedicate a specific day or period of time to doing so people will do their upmost to steal that time from you by any means possible.

It doesn’t have to be training this covers anything that is solely for you and doesn’t benefit anyone else.

Learning to be selfish is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you achieve whatever you want too.

Being selfish is nothing to be ashamed of it’s an necessity.

People wouldn’t think twice about letting you down so why should you let yourself down to appease them.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for dedicating time or money to yourself.

As the centre of your own world it’s essential to make yourself the undisputed number one priority and everything else must learn to work around you and what you want.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this doesn’t want what’s best for you.

If you really want something, grow a pair, prepare to upset a few people but also be prepared to make more progress than ever before because without all these distractions there’s nothing that can stop you achieving what you want.

Dan “its all about me” Breen

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