Why taking time away from training and dieting will help you in the long run…

I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point. You’re back on the wagon (I really do hate that phrase) everything is going well your sticking to your ‘diet’, your getting your training in, maybe you’ve increased your day to day activity. All in all your feeling pretty bad ass. That’s awesome btw.

However, it may be after a week, maybe a month, maybe three. Sooner or later something is going to come along that will challenge this regime you’ve got yourself into. Examples of this could be a holiday, weekend away, Christmas It doesn’t really matter what it is but it will happen.

We’ll use a holiday for an example.

What do you do?

If your new to this whole fitness thing or maybe your just feeling really motivated you’ll probably think your going to power through. You decide to make wholesale sacrifices throughout your holiday. Maybe you even to decide to continue exercising to some capacity. Either way you try your best to continue in the same regime you were set in before.

Awesome you’ve made it through your holiday with no damage, now what…..

Well the next stop in this little story is binge city. Once your home and the holiday blues kick in and you realise that you don’t feel rested or relaxed and that you have in fact wasted the holiday you’ve saved all year for by spending the whole time stressing about your diet rather then enjoying yourself you’ll suddenly find the urge to eat everything in sight for about two months, 8 times longer than the potential holiday binge could ever be.

This might come a day later maybe a week but before you know it you’ll be back to where you started right at the beginning and you’ve wasted the only break you’ll get all year. So it’s a double kick in the balls. The realisation you’ve done this will probably help you on the way to gaining an extra 7lb just for good measure.

Pretty shit eh?

So what do you do? In my honest opinion go and enjoy your fucking holiday. You’re already doing well, your making positive lifestyle changes and everything is going in the right direction.

Unless you really try it’s unlikely your going to do to much damage, you will already subconsciously be applying the little lifestyle changes you’ve started to make anyway which will also help.

Then, when you come back you’ll feel fresh, re-motivated and ready to get back to your journey to a happier healthier lifestyle. This will give you an awesome platform to build from for the rest of the year. Even if you have gained a couple of pounds they’ll be gone in a few weeks but your motivation will still be intact.

Dieting is and always will be a battle of willpower and the only way to stop lack of willpower causing you to relapse is to stop being restrictive. If you learn to control yourself rather than restrict yourself you can’t relapse. This is the key to longevity.


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