Why You Shouldn’t Train Over Christmas…

Why you shouldn’t diet over Christmas.

Christmas is a difficult time of year for the health and fitness conscious. Pretty much everything at this time of the year is food and drink orientated.

There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s awesome. It’s the best time of year and it’s there to be enjoyed. When in the pursuit of fitness goals It’s easy to fall in the trap of becoming frightened to enjoy yourself.

You become scared of falling off the wagon and feel like any slip up is the beginning of the end. Well this simply isn’t true.

When done right you should be able to train all year round, stay in shape and enjoy all the awesome occasions life brings without stressing about falling into old habits.

After all what’s the point of being fit and healthy if you can’t enjoy yourself. It’s just a waste of a life.

The simple fact is as long as your eating and training all year round one or two weeks off your diet isn’t going to put you back to square one. You might gain a couple of pounds but so what? As long as you get straight back to doing what you previously were it’ll soon be gone. You’ll probably even find the break is good for your body and mind. You’ll feel better for it when you do get bank into the swing of things.

There’s also the brutal fact that if you do try and diet over Christmas and you do miss out on all these awesome things by the time it’s over and the January blues hit you’ll probably have a mega binge anyway so the whole thing will be a wasted effort.

So, enjoy your training, keep training hard, enjoy a lovely fun filled Christmas with your friends and family and if by January you’ve gained a pound or two get back to doing what you’ve been doing and it’ll soon be gone.



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