Train Smart

When you begin training and trying to make lifestyle changes you’ll find yourself taking advise from pretty much everyone whether they know what there talking about or not.

If someone offers you advise you’ll probably try to take it on board but there’s one thing you should be listening to more than anything else and that’s your own body.

Doing this will have a huge effect on how you’ll progress.

There’s a few reasons most people stop their training/nutrition regime but the most common are…

Firstly they just get fed up they push themselves to hard trying to do too much and they enviably burn out and just quit.

The second is they get injured and this happens for pretty much the same reasons as they end up quitting.

The point is they aren’t training smart and they aren’t listening to their body.

When something is not right we know about it.

Our body’s have a very robust mechanism of telling us it doesn’t like what we’re doing and it’s important to respect yourself enough to listen.

I train all year round and very rarely miss a session but sometimes you just need to tell yourself to chill before you get injured.

In the past I’ve seen myself power through training thinking it was all just a test of toughness and guess what; I ended up injured.

The same goes for nutrition when your dieting your going to be hungry some of the time that’s unavoidable but if your starving all the time and you don’t have the energy to get out of bed let alone bust out in a decent shift at the gym your not doing yourself any favours.

Even when losing weight food is your friend not your enemy.

We all wish we could get results quicker but that’s just not how it works our body’s were developed over thousands of years to survive not to look pretty and because of that quick results just aren’t a thing….

We have to be patient and sensible about it.

It’s easy to think I want results quicker so I’ll do more and eat less and this just leads to you failing quicker.

Learn to train smart and listen to your body and your patience will be rewarded with results.

Dan “take care” Breen

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