Ross Thompson

Owner, Coach, Chief Programmer and Business Development
Loves a Grapple
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Hi, My name is Ross, Owner, Creator and Coach of “Warrior Women” and “Strip and Rip”

I am 33 years old, I am the husband of Sarah, and I am a proud dad of two young boys, Jake and Dexter, who are the most awesome little boys a dad could ask for.  Sarah is not only my life partner but my business partner who keeps things organised here at RT Fitness and co-coaches our signature programs alongside me.

It has never “been easy” for me as some might look at me and think.  Genetics only goes so far and I’ve had a chest and peaks since I was about 10… but I’ve also got FP… Fat Potential…  I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t eat what I want and I’ve made some massive mistakes in my training by trying to do it all my self, my way…

Check out my journey, most of our clients can’t believe the before picture was me… But it was…


Up until around 2006 I had never had any issues with my weight or my body.  I didn’t have that great poster boy physique but I was happy in myself, enjoying life and keeping active. When I was a kid I was always out and about, running everywhere with my mates, I think I may have been one of very few who actually went to bed early, I just burnt out, same time every night, boom, the batteries died.

So… my story started in 2006 when I worked abroad, a life experience I will never forget, cruising around all day drinking litres upon litres of fizzy pop, then working and having a good drink on a night, basically abusing my body.  I managed to put on 2 stone in 4 months and was in serious denial, I didn’t even realise I’d put this weight on!  I really thought the launderette had shrunk my clothes!

I came back to England and got the standard response of all my mates taking the mick. My mates abroad had been there along the way with me and hadn’t seen just how much I’d put on, but when you don’t see someone for 4 months and they come back 2 stone heavier, it’s gonna get noticed.

So after the ridicule and taking a long hard look at myself and realising I didn’t want to be this person anymore I decided to do something about it and get my butt in the gym!

I’ve made loads of mistakes and being the typical lad I decided not to ask for help but to just copy people’s routines, diets etc.  Big mistake… By doing all of the wrong things it took me a lot longer to reach my goals.   Eventually I got there and the struggle has taught me a lot, but I wish I had asked for help.

Whilst doing bodybuilding I was researching and self teaching myself about how the body works, dieting, fat loss, etc.  It was then I found the love for teaching other people what you can achieve if you put the effort in.  I decided to take up some Personal Training courses and educate myself further and I’ve not looked back.

I also took up MMA for nearly 2 years where I learnt a lot about all different martial arts. This led me to having a semi pro MMA fight in which I had to stick to a strict diet and training regime. This is where most of my Strength and Conditioning techniques have come from as if you are a follower of UFC you will know that they are some of the fittest people on the planet.


I started training friends from my parent’s garage and the results started to come in thick and fast.  I loved teaching people how they could develop their bodies to how they wanted to look by simply lifting weights and eating according to their goals.  It became an addiction… I knew then I wanted to continue training people, learning more all the time and passing my knowledge on, seeing how happy my clients were and how I’d helped them gave, and still gives, me a massive buzz.  I have always been very proud of my own transformation and knowing how I felt, I want my clients to feel the same about themselves.

After running some outdoor boot camps I opened my own PT studio in January 2013 which was very successful, with a lot of my clients reaching and maintaining their desired look.

Then, in February 2014 I opened the RT Fitness facility in which our goal is to educate all of our members on the how’s, what’s and why for’s of training and nutrition.  I am constantly educating myself by going to seminars and keeping up to date with all of the latest research on fitness and nutrition and adding various qualifications to my portfolio.  The RT100 as I like to call them… my army of lifters, are what keep me going… I am dedicated to bringing out the best in people but most importantly helping them get the best out of themselves… Helping them believe that anything is possible, you’ve just got to work hard and get shit done.


My journey is on-going, if I eat a lot I put weight on, at times it’s difficult to get the training in and then I beat myself up about not being in the best shape because I am coaching others… What I need people to remember is that looking shredded, ripped to bits, isn’t something that is necessarily sustainable all year round, you can’t beat your body into the ground day in and day out and eat 100% clean all of the time… Last year my goal was to bulk up and then have a steady cut ready for when Sarah and I got married so I honed in that little more than usual to get in my best shape… I train hard but I would say each of us here at RT Fitness as coaches put most of our efforts into getting our clients their results, getting them to where they want to be… We already know what we need to do, we’ve made our own mistakes and we know how our bodies work… The more people we can help and educate to understand their own bodies, the fitter they will become and the more long term their results will be, we want to empower each and every one of our clients and create a lasting change… not just a quick fix.

Thanks for reading.