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Co-Owner, CEO of Awesomeness and Business Development, Co-Coach
Loves to Bench
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Hi, I’m Sarah, Co-Owner and CEO of Awesomeness here at RT Fitness.

I am 31 years old and am very proud to be the wife and business partner of Ross.

I am extremely proud of how far I have come on my own individual fitness journey and I want to share it with you.  I want to inspire you to become the best version of yourself and achieve the goals you’ve spent so long chasing…

Here at RT I manage all of the day to day admin and accounts, (the boring stuff), I’m also responsible for speaking with all of our clients both old and new and am likely to be the first person you speak with about RT Fitness and your own goals and desires.  I was destined to be the hugger too so if anything is getting you down, I am always here to help or just listen.  I’m also found Co-Coaching the signature programs alongside Ross and on Social Media, scheduling, and a touch of blogging!  I also give some of our clients Pads sessions for that extra burn!

Read on to find out more about my journey…


So, as per the intro, we’ve established who I am.  I’m Sarah, I’m 31 and I’m married to Ross… The R and T in RT Fitness.

Throughout school I was always active, from a young age I participated in Netball, Basketball, Football, Swimming Gymnastics, Rounders… You name it, I did it (apart from Hockey… I was never any good at that one…).  I even got to a level where I was swimming and playing netball for the county and represented the North East at Basketball during the Millennium Games.  When I left school things went downhill from a fitness perspective, I sat on my arse in plenty of different saunas across the North East… I became unfit and was what I call skinny fat – I looked alright in clothes but had zero toning or definition.

I lost quite a bit of weight in my late teens to a point where I wasn’t skinny fat I was just skinny, my hip bones used to jut out and I always had a bit of a slouch going on, very emo!!  This was always a concern for my mum and other people who I was close to; looking back I can see why.


I hit about 23/24 and my weight went up, again skinny fat, but on a slightly larger scale than in my teens!! I was unfit, I hated trying to get fit, I didn’t like the gyms I was going to, and everything seemed like a fad… in fact the only exercise I did consistently was horse riding.  I could no longer just eat what I wanted and ended up in hospital once after eating a full multi-pack of Pickled Onion Monster Munch, my digestive system basically told me to do one because I was filling it with complete rubbish…

When I started the Warrior Women program with Ross I didn’t look back.  My nutrition improved, my fitness levels increased and I was starting to take shape and actually get stronger!  I felt confident in my own skin, I was proud of  the progress I’d made.  When I started I couldn’t even shoulder press the 1kg Dumbbells for reps, Ross used to use these at the doorstop in the old studio!  Now I can press over 40kg for my 1 rep Max and generally around 35kg for reps.  Same with the bench press, I was benching the EZ Bar but now I can comfortably rep 60kg and my 1 rep Max is 70kg which is 13kg above my body weight!!!  For me it’s about an all round, healthier look and to feel comfortable in my own skin, I am proud of what I see in the mirror and I know Ross is proud of me too which is a good feeling.

Being the partner of a fitness guru has its positives and negatives but it’s awesome to be able to work alongside Ross every day!!  Some people think we must be mad and get on each others nerves but we genuinely just crack on with our own tasks, when we coach together we bounce off one another, but then some days we’ll go home and it’s like we’ve not seen each other all day as it’s that busy.  Initially, I had my own business to run so I wasn’t in the gym so there was the long hours to contend with and the massive amount of himself that Ross pours into the gym and every single one of its members but now, we are both in the same boat, it’s handy being best mates.

I eat a hell of a lot better now but having said that I think I have discovered I can actually out train a bad diet, if you read Ross blog’s he regularly refers to me as the one who eats crap and gets away with it, he’s a little bit jealous.  Mind that’s not bragging, it’s not a good thing because ultimately if I don’t make a conscious effort I do just fuel my body with the wrong foods to sustain my energy, I can always tell as lethargy hits and my training becomes complacent… and that’s when I have to worry… out training a bad diet means being on it with my training…  But… I like a take away, I like Ice Cream and Biscuits… I’ve just got to keep it in moderation.

I enjoy being a part of the team from both sides at RT Fitness from getting in amongst the training with the Warriors or Strip and Rip, to co-coaching the programs and being on hand if anyone needs anything or has any questions.  I do train with Ross a lot of the time, he’s my partner and he does get the best out of me even if I do piss and moan when it hurts.  I know that I’m a massive pain in the backside, especially when I have no goals. Thankfully we tend to follow the same pattern in terms of our training and nutrition whether we are bulking or cutting down, so we’re always in it together!!!

I always want to get stronger too, the ultimate goal being a 1.5 body weight bench press… now that… would be awesome…

If anyone needs to book in a time slot, find out what courses are available and when or just come down for a look round and a chat I’m always here to help and will answer any questions you might have about how RT Fitness can change your life.

Thanks for reading!!!

S x