Truth Hurts…

“The Truth is More Devastating than a Lie” and “Just because you’re offended, it doesn’t mean you’re right.”

2 quotes I have taken from an interview with Ricky Gervais and 2 quotes that are, in my opinion, bang on, no matter which industry you sit in or work for.

I’m going to explore them both in terms of fitness…

Of course within fitness the truth is always far more devastating, whether it be about the quick fix or what shape you’re in and what shit you shovel into your mouth… the truth hurts… that is why so many people have an issue today in trying to get in shape, trying to sort out their nutrition, because they’re surrounded by lies but also truth in abundance. Sounds confusing right?

Think about it, you’re surrounded by false images of perfection on all forms of social media, as you’ve heard me bang on about before in multiple blogs, then you have a number of fitpros who will actually tell you EXACTLY how it is.

Just the other week one of our Warriors asked the question… “why do we follow all of these ideals, put them on a pedestal, compare ourselves and chastise ourselves when we don’t get the same results… when they’re lying to us?!”

We’re choosing to believe what we see as the truth and kicking ourselves all over for not having the same body despite all the graft we put in, ultimately the longer you are following a process and not seeing the same results as someone who’s had a Brazillian arse lift, been juicing up, or simply been training 7 days a week with a top notch PT and has a food prep service on the go, the more you begin to realise you’ve been led down the garden path and it’s devastating… everything you’ve been kicking yourself over is a lie, but worse still, reality sets in, you will NEVER look THAT good… unless you’re willing to do what these people are doing.

Then with the fitpros who actually DO tell the truth… some people will either lap it up and take it on board, or they’ll find something offensive within it and will no longer hear any truth purely because they’ve taken something to heart because they’ve done it themselves… an example… someone saying they’re in a calorie deficit and not losing weight and a fitpro calling bullshit to the masses saying basically you’ve been eating like a wanker and are clearly lying to yourself about what you’re eating!!!

The truth within the fitness industry can be devastating to some, really devastating, no one likes to be told they’re doing something wrong (whether nutritionally or in training), no one likes to be told they’re overweight or out of shape through their own doing. Offense within the fitness industry is rife!!! Again… everyone is going to take some offense to being told they’re doing something wrong (whether nutritionally or in training)…

We seem as a culture now to accept and deal with lies waaaay better than we do the truth… when did that happen?! When was it better to accept a lie… do we do it because it’s easier? You can bury your head in the sand in a state of denial about the reality?

We also seem to have higher than ever offense rates, everything is offensive, our Gervais is a prime example of someone who says a lot that people are offended by… ooooo he’s a racist, ooooo he’s ageist… no he’s making a joke about something, put it into context and you’ll find it isn’t offensive at all… If you think of Stand Up and what Gervais does, I don’t understand how people can be offended, after all, the jokes aren’t made in the mouth and you can’t read someone elses thoughts, therefore the thing you’ve been offended by, is actually something you’ve made up in your own head, it’s something you’ve interpreted, sure there’s some nudges in a set direction, but YOU’VE joined the dots.

An example I’m all too familiar with of both of the above is within nutrition… We ask that our clients track their nutrition and often I hear “I can’t possibly eat all that”… now sometimes, some people have done some serious damage with their yo-yo and crash dieting ways, so when they come to lose weight and are in the zone, they make up this scenario in their heads that they must eat less to get results, I get that. BUT… We always reprimand a crash dieter, every time, we tell people to eat more and we regularly get “I can’t eat all that”… now here’s the thing, the harsh truth that will inevitably piss a few people off, the reason you’re overweight… you’ve been eating FAR MORE than what we’re asking you to, that is why you are overweight!!!

Some will take offense to this rather than accept it as a truth that they can do something about. This sort of falls in line with a blog Dan wrote a while back now about paying for help and then not listening… why bother… If you’re paying for help, take instruction and guidance and you’ll get results, if you choose to bury your head in the sand, take offense, bitch on and moan, you’ll get lesser results and probably feel at the end you’ve wasted your money.

The fact is, if you choose to accept the truth and choose to take action rather than offense, then you stand a real chance of doing something productive for yourself and really seeing the benefits…

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