The Truth… The Sad Sad Truth…

So… it’s with great trepidation and regret that today I have to reveal a sad truth to you all.

The fitness industry is currently dealing with a ravenous and potentially terminal cancer; and it has been for some time.

This terrible sickness bred from generations of money grabbing, self portentous and quite frankly despicable characters, has resulted in a nation of overweight, confused, anxiety ridden people who’s self worth has diminished to a point of no return.

It has became the industry of choice for the poorly educated, egotistical sociopath who requires a platform to justify their own miserable and restrictive lifestyles and even worse… force it upon others.

I don’t know exactly when it happened but at some point being fit, active and healthy stopped being fun and it became a terrifying and inclusive “members club”. Now I have theory as to why this has happened…

Coaches began to get swallowed up by their very own tidal wave of bullshit and the health and fitness of everyday people got swept along with them. The result of this is coaches who if asked about mesocycles would probably respond by affirming they know nothing about the female reproductive cycle. Why? Well because who needs any knowledge of smart programming when you’ve got abs and a Tupperware collection exceeding the number of science based training books you’ve read. (and, No, muscle and fitness isn’t a science based training book).

From this an industry was born and crawling out with it was the notion that the only way to be fit and healthy was to become a compulsive exerciser who trains everyday and has a diet more restrictive than the average commercial gym PT’s XS t-shirt.

All of a sudden people started to become intimidated by being fit and healthy. The fun was sucked out of it and the pressure to look a certain way became insurmountable.

Aesthetics should not be the reason for all of your training and eating habits. Everyone wants to look good but this should come as a consequence of a healthy sustainable lifestyle and training you enjoy. Who cares what you look like if you’re unhappy and miserable.

However this notion is what these beast mode PT’s feed on. Nothing and I mean nothing gives them more satisfaction than forcing someone to admit they are unable to cope with the physiological minefield these arseholes pass off as a lifestyle. The worst of it all is very few actually live this lifestyle themselves. It’s an excuse to sell you a ridiculous and unsustainable diet plan than they know nobody could ever stick to. Then when their bullshit training doesn’t get you the results you expect they can say ‘well you didn’t stick to your diet plan’. This reaffirms to their ego that they are in fact better than you whilst also pushing your confidence down to an all time low.

However all is not lost. Recent years have seen the beginnings of a shift in balance. People from an academic background are beginning to turn their attention to the fitness industry. Slowly but surely research is starting to undermine the very foundations of the bro-science emporium of bullshit.

People are beginning to realise that a correctly programmed progressive resistance training program; comprised of full body compound movements and perfect form compounded by good flexibility and mobility will reap better results than a PT dragging you around every machine in the gym whilst screaming beast mode till he’s blue In the face. Who knew? Only every athlete for the past century. But oh yeah, some of them don’t have abs and a perma tan. What do they know?

Another and perhaps more profound movement is the introduction of a scientific approach to nutrition (notice I don’t say dieting). People have begun to stop labelling foods as clean, what ever that means? Instead they are now asking questions of conventional wisdom. They are looking into it a little deeper and are realising that you can actually have your cake and eat it. They understand that you don’t need to eat chicken and asparagus to be lean and because of this are beginning to take back control of their own lives.

Most importantly though people are starting to enjoy exercising again the pressure is being lifted, the expectations reduced and slowly but surely people are starting to understand it’s really not difficult to be fit, healthy and active whilst having fun and without restricting their lives to a point of pure misery.

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