Warrior Women

A program for only truly dedicated individuals - get amazing results with us.

A new way – the Warrior way

Are you ready to get the results you finally deserve?

Are you currently training and not seeing results?

Imagine being out and about knowing that people can see all of your hard work has paid off and actually feeling good in your favourite dress just in time for party season.

You’ve probably tried the gym but never found it motivating or even stuck it out long enough to see results.

You’ve probably never been taught that lifting weights will give you the body you desire and you’re thinking that running endlessly on a treadmill will get you there…or you’ve just done random workouts with a personal trainer with no proven results?

Well this course is certainly for you…


Included in this program

4 x weightlifting and conditioning sessions per week

All of your nutritional questions finally answered helping you achieve the body you desire

A dedicated team of coaches helping you every step of the way

An accountability group where you will log all nutrition daily

Training with a small group of people just like you

Measurements taken every 4 weeks ensuring you’re always on track

Money back guarantee on results

By far this course is not for everyone…

This is a course which lasts for a minimum of 6 weeks of pure dedication.

That’s why we only coach the truly dedicated individuals and it is via application only, we don’t want negative folk here who are looking for results via a magic pill.