So, if I asked you to tell me the most essential factors to optimum performance and weight management what would you say.

I’m sure I’d get a lot of different answers but probably not the one I’m looking for.

The answer is water.

In order to perform optimally you need to be sufficiently hydrated.

The strange thing is 90% of people are constantly de-hydrated. If you wait until your thirsty to have a drink it’s already too late.

If you were to start drinking enough water you’ll probably notice an improvement in every aspect of your life. It’s almost impossible to feel good if your de-hydrated.

In order to calculate your clean water intake you need to take your weight in kg and multiply it by 0.03. This will give you your recommended water intake in litres.

Notice I say clean water. This means just water don’t mix it with anything just plain water. Any water you consume through any other means should just be extra.

I also recommend that this water is bottled as opposed to tap water which tends to taste like shit and is terrible for gut health. We’re in the fortunate position where we can get mineral water for pence so abuse this.

Dan AKA Captain Carnage

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