Weekend Calories…

Everyone wants to be in shape until the weekend comes.

Pretty much everyone has some interest in improving or changing their bodies.

The majority of these people will be following or will have followed some ‘diet’ they will probably have joined a gym or class and Monday to Friday they do a pretty good job of convincing everyone that they ‘want’ to achieve their goal. 

Then the weekend hits. All of a sudden they don’t want too achieve their goals as much as they want a drink, they don’t want to achieve their goals as much as they want that meal out or that take away.

Make up your mind!

Whilst it is most certainly possible to enjoy the good things in life and stay on track if you are sensible but too often people just throw everything out of the window at the weekend and start again Monday as if it somehow doesn’t count or hasn’t happened.

An example if you average 2000 calories a day that’s 14000 over the week in order to maintain your weight. Even if you went super low during the week (which I’d never recommend) and only ate say 1200 calories a day that would leave you with 4000 for Saturday and Sunday and that still wouldn’t cover a few drinks and a takeaway that’s going to be 5000 plus.

So even if you literally starved yourself all week you’d still be about 2000 calories over what you needed to maintain weight. If you are trying to lose weight that number would be even greater.

This is why people gain weight when they ‘hardly eat anything’. Take into account as well the fact your that daily activity will likely be reduced due to being knackered from starving yourself as well as the intensity in the gym and that means overall you’ve burned less calories as well thus increasing the amount you’ve over eaten.

Stop kidding yourself and pretending that your weekends don’t affect your goals. Be accountable and treat them like every other day of the week otherwise you’re only going to end up disappointed with your progress.






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