Winter Training…

Winter training on the face of is shit in fact winter itself is pretty shit.

It’s dark when we wake up, its dark when we finish work and that means it’s also dark when most of us go to the gym.

It’s also absolutely freezing, its hard enough getting up and doing the things we need to do when the weather is like this never mind something that’s optional.

There’s also pretty much nothing motivating you to stay in shape.

Nobody outside of your house has seen what you look like without the big jumper on for months and that will probably continue for at least another 3 month and unless your going on holiday somewhere hot which lets face doesn’t apply to most of us it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t bother going to the gym at all.

However it doesn’t have to be this way.

Firstly, you probably weren’t happy with how you looked on your last holiday. Despite the fact that you slogged away for 3 months beforehand. Well there’s your motivation. If you want to look good next year kick the trend of undoing all that hard work over winter and starting from scratch in the summer and keep training all year round.

Secondly, exercise makes you feel good. The endorphins releases when you exercise will help keep away that winter depression. It’s just good sense. Winter makes us feel awful so on top of that people stop doing the things that help make them feel good.

Chances are your never going to feel great when it’s minus whatever and pitch black outside but continuing exercising and eating right will make you feel a hell of a lot better than if you just scrap the lot.

Thirdly. Winter is the absolute best time to make progress. Your probably going to be eating more which means your strength will fly up and with that so will your muscle mass. This means when you do lean out for summer you’ll look like an in shape person rather than an ironing board. If you only train when you want to lean out you’ll never have anything to lean out too.

There’s also no pressure on you your not working under a deadline or needing to look a certain way. You can simply enjoy your training and relish in your own progress.
Winter is shit but it’s going to be shit whether you stop training or you don’t. So you might as well keep doing what your doing rather than giving up and forgetting all the good habits you’ve built up over the year. Make it a positive and use this time to set yourself up to be the best you ever next year.

Dan “Pingu” Breen

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