On yer bike son

I’m petty sure I suffer from seasonal affective disorder

Or we just live in England and the winters seem to go on FOREVER

I hate the cold and don’t like leaving the house unless it’s over 10 degrees

But I’ve been in desperate need of some sun on my face I actually suffer from psoriasis so needing some outdoors is an essential for me

So the last couple of weekends me, Sarah and the boys have been going walking places getting at one with the great outdoors

On one of our journeys to hamsterly Forrest we seen a load of people doing the many trails on their bikes

Being me and jumping into things on a whim

I WANTED a bike

I knew it was a thing me and Sarah could do together which forced me to get out doors more and actually enjoy it

So we went out and purchased a couple of bikes (matching of course) and they got delivered last week

We took them out for a spin at the weekend and loved every second and are also going out today

They are mountain bikes as we want the rides to be fun and take on mini adventures places

If I had wanted a road bike it would of served the purpose of me always trying to beat my times etc and would become a stress rather than pleasure

What I always want for myself and others to enjoy about fitness is the fun value, because as soon as it stops becoming fun generally people lose interest

“Fun” is probably one of the best words to describe RT Fitness whenever the programs are taking place you can’t help but smile even if it is in a pool of sweat

We’ve been posting a lot about “free” exercise lately mainly about walking, I know the bikes weren’t free but the investment in them will defo pay off

I’m looking forward to all these mini adventures me and Sarah will be going on to together

If you and your family have bikes, get yourself out doors, take a few hours out on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy the great outdoors

Now to convince Sarah we need a truck to take the bikes places…..

Ross/Sarah “pair of helmets” Thompson

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