What’s It To You?

Is it any wonder mental disorders like depression are on the increase…

We spend most of our lives living in an online world, each and every one of us, posting for likes… whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat… Whatever it is we post, we do so for the feedback of others…

No matter how much you say you’re posting it for the crack, just to share, you’re doing so for some interaction, some feedback, some praise, recognition or love… life has become increasingly a popularity contest and I strongly believe that the masses decide on their own value and self worth based upon the number of likes, double taps and love hearts they get from people they don’t even know.

What in the world is going on? We have huge societal issues, ever increasing obesity levels (which I’d argue is from inactivity from being stuck to screens from the moment you’re born)… Bullying is no longer limited to the school playground it’s constant torture online… people’s self worth based upon the appraisal of strangers… eating disorders because we’re comparing ourselves to other pictures knowing nothing about their genetics, their workload, their personal sacrifices and commitments… we’re more connected than ever and yet many of us are living with feelings of isolation, when out with company it’s all about getting the right picture for Instagram instead of living in the moment… people are living each experience from behind a lens, concerts we used to hold up lighters and now we hold up camera phones…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of the some of the above, if anyone says they’re not I’d happily call bullshit.

At what point are we going to step away from the online world and live for the here and now?

I think to limit the use of all forms of social media would result in a far greater mental well-being for most and for those who are already suffering with anxiety and feelings of depression.

I’d strongly recommend disconnecting from the online society you have found yourselves in.

Everyone shares the good in their lives, it’s always shot through rose tinted glasses and so when you’re feeling down and out and think everyone else is living a constant party, I can assure you they’re not, they’re having ups and downs just like everyone else…

Just a thought… limit your time online. It could be the best medicine.

S x





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